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Birmingham Green Hub Liftshare

Find your car sharing match with Birmingham Green Hub Liftshare

Birmingham Green Hub Liftshare has been set up to enable you to carshare in and around Birmingham.

Did you know a commuter can typically save around a year by car sharing?

Would you like to find those travelling in your direction and watch your commuting costs plummet?

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Save money

Travelling doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Join Liftshare for free, become a supercommuter and try effortless cost saving - Share the ride, split the cost.

Hand with coins - save money

Reduce CO2 emissions

Be part of the bigger picture and help to reduce global CO2 emissions. Liftshare is on a mission to save 1 Billion miles, and you can be part of that by simply sharing your commute with someone else going your way

Stress free

Stuck in traffic? We've all been there. Cut congestion and reduce the stress of travelling by sharing a car with your next best friend.


How Liftshare works

Wherever you're off to, join the car sharing revolution. It's the easy, fun way to cut the cost of travelling.


Add your journey

Enter your journey details in three simple steps, and we'll use our matching database to show everyone else going your way.


Ask to share

Once you've found someone suitable, introduce yourself by getting in touch with them. Arrange details of how and when you'll meet.


Travel happy

Start sharing! Once you've arranged the details, all that's left to do is meet your new Liftshare buddy and enjoy the ride.

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Better off

Sarah and Kate save £989 with Liftshare

Liftsharing saves our average members over £1,000 per year

How much could you save?

Steve and John have been lift sharing for many years. They live about ½ a mile apart and travel to and from the NEC 5 days a week. They save approximately £1,100 a year in fuel alone, never mind the reduced mileage and wear on their vehicles. They take it in turns to drive. It's also handy if a car is off the road or not available.